Goodbye, Little Petey


On February 26, 2007, we said goodbye
to our beloved bunny, Black Peter.

Pete was an extraordinary friend and teacher
who helped us through the tough times.

When my sons were living in Ohio, and when
Duane was going through prolonged medical
treatment, he kissed away our tears and helped
us cope. He was an extraordinary bun, very
sociable and friendly, and he greeted everyone
who came to our home. He was unconditional
love in expression and we will miss him. Up until
the last day he was full of kisses and happy bunny
crunches (a bunny equivalent to a cat purring).

He was with us for almost 9 years and he was
a year old when we got him. He was the oldest
bunny our vet had ever cared for. He had bone
tumors that caused his bones to break. Bunnies
do not normally have bone tumors, but bunnies
don't normally live so long.

We are grateful for all the time we have had with
him and feel blessed that he found his way to us.
We have many, many memories to give us
comfort and smiles.

-- Cathy Day

Thank you, Petey, for your sweetness and love,
for your hops and flops and binkies and smooches.
You will forever hold a wonderful place in my
heart, and nothing will ever undo the magic
you have worked in my life.

-- Duane Day